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Rich Bentz - SAG/AFTRA

Height: 5'6"            Hair: Grey

Weight: 180            Eyes: Green

Jacket: 44R             Waist: 36

Neck/Sleeve: 16.5/32

Inseam: 30/32

Shoe: 9½       Hat: 22.5" (7¼ - 7⅜)

Represented by:

Talent Unlimited

Clinton Irey

816-561-9040 ext. 221



Role: Malcolm                                                Director: Mike Norris

America: Imagine The World Without Her        

Role: Saul Alynski /Supporting                     Director: John Sullivan/Dinesh D'Souza

Cherokee Word For Water                                

Role: Charlie's Boss - Bob /Supporting        Director: Charlie Soap / Tim Kelly

Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles         

Role: Gerald Peters /Supporting                  Director: Brandon Bergin/foursix films              

Public Enemies (1996) (V)                                    

Role: photo double: freddie barker              Director: Mark L. Lester

The Stitcher (2007) (V)                                         

Role: Gardener / Supporting                        Director: Darla Enlow /Next Monkey


Role: Dr. Neubegins/ Supporting                  Director: Enhanced Minds 07


Role: Data Lord /Lead                                   Director/Producer: Weilacher Productions


Role: Lead                                                      Director/Producer: Weilacher Productions

Animals On Drawbridge                                     

Role: Dr. Alan Fredrick/ Lead                       Director: Chalfant/Benton

Three Tools of Death                                            

Role: Lead                                                      Director/Producer: Brent & Biggs Prod.

Capful of Bleach                                                  

Role: Lead                                                      Director/Producer: Curtis Productions

The Simple Things                                                 

Role: Supporting                                           Director/Producer: Derik Smith Productions

Mr. Tubb                                                                

Role: Lead                                                      Director: Jason Redmond

Sarah Belham Never Travelled                          

Role: Lead                                                      Director: Jason Redmond



Zion 7 Ido the Seer                        Guest                                             WGM Productions

Bill Gunter, Prodigal Son               Guest Star                                      WGM Productions

Bill Gunter, Way of Escape              Guest Star                                      WGM Productions


COMMERCIALS - Currently Airing

Oklahoma Tourism 2014                       Principal/ Regional OK                       Epoxy Films

Mathis Brothers Furniture 2014           Regional OK

COMMERCIALS - discontinued

OK Tourism 2013                                                 Principal/ Regional OK            Epoxy Films

Sam's Club 2013                                                  Principal / Regional OK                      

Devon Energy '12                                                SAG/ Background / National           

AT&T - 2012                                                         SAG/ Background/National

PSO- 2012                                                            Regional OK         

Streamlight - 2012                                               Principal/ Nation           Steelhouse Prod.

Cherokee Nation - Common Values Series        Principal / Regional                                            

11 additional commercials from 2011 and older. All were principal but no longer in use                                                                                           


Romeo and Juliet- AEA production              Peter & 1st Musician                    Tulsa Rep

19 Unpaid Community Theatre Roles               

Heller Theatre

Theater Tulsa

Midwestern Theatre Co.

Theatre Club - TULSA


Ned Christy Story, Paden Tolbert, Cherokee Museum Tahlequah, OK   Flying Colors Prod


Psycho Path Haunt                                             The Ticket Master- ride host - 5 years                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Advanced On Camera Workshop - Tom Logan                                                            

The Business of Show Business - Tom Logan

On Camera Commercial Workshop - Tom Logan

On Camera TV and Film Workshop - Tom Logan

Voice - Richard Sutliff

Improv Workshop - Nicole Cates, Crayons Improv Troupe

Improv For Actors - Rebecca McCauley, The Actor Factory

L.A. Audition Workshop - Beverly Holloway, The Actor Factory

Audition for Film & Television - Chris Friehofer, The Actor Factory

What's Next-Advanced On Camera - Brian Shoop 

Advanced Camera and Stage - Will Boroski

Advanced Acting and Movement - Cyndi Caldwell

Advanced On Camera Workshop - Kent Bateman


Dialects/Accents: British, Australian, French, Russian, Spanish, Cockney, Horseback Riding, Scuba Certified