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As a requirement for this business an actor really needs to have professional headshots, and one of the services I provide as an independent photographer is Head shots!  They need to be 'slice of life' essentially, that show a spark of who you are as a person.  My rates are the BEST in northeast Oklahoma!

Visit the link here to learn about what a great headshot is like:
$75 includes:  4 looks, professional lighting, and digital copies within 7 days

$40 includes: 2 looks, professional lighting, and HD digital copies within 7 days

$15 includes: 1 look, professional lighting, and HD digital copies within 7 days

Remember, you want to keep your headshots current, and to make sure they are professionally done, and that they look like you, and meet the specific needs of the industry, so schedule your headshot photo session with me today at the blue button above!      Also remember that on some occasions you will need hard copy 8x10 glossy headshots to submit, with your resume printed or stapled on the back.    You may print headshots in small numbers at various local print shops around town, OR in 25 count quantities  or more online at


Demo reels are an essential part of your business. Clients now often require a demo reel for the specific type of job for which they are seeking talent.  Rich Bentz offers Demo Reel Recording Services using HD recording with professional lighting and recording equipment.  He assists you during your session to assure your best possible take. Your demo reel is shot, edited, and sent to you in digital format for use to promote your talents.
Recommended Demo Reels:

  • Teleprompter  *(with real teleprompter)
  • Spokesperson
  • Film & Television
  • Commercials
  • Improv

$75 includes:  coaching, video recording, professional lighting, editing, and HD digital copy within 7 days

Final edit will be 1 minute long, selected by you from a series of final edit choices. 


Female TV Commercial scripts:  *(Explore all links!)*

Male TV Commercial Scripts:


Give yourself the best chance to get hired! Have your video audition shot and edited by an expert.  Your audition will be recorded, prepared and uploaded for submission per your instructions with a digital copy for your professional use. Please note if you will need a reader to assist for your video audition.

$75 includes: video, editing, and digital copy within 24 hours


SlateShot is a service of your Actors Access account.  SlateShots are seven-second video clips that bring headshots to life. That's enough time for the actor to slate and show a little personality. They have a one-to-one relationship with the headshot, so actors can match the look or tone of each photo. Then, when a headshot is submitted, Casting can watch the SlateShot as well.  Actors can be more than just a face in the crowd. Casting Directors can see and hear what actors really look and sound like.  SlateShots can be professionally done, or shot at home. A unique SlateShot can be attached to each headshot. Actors Access does not charge for your first SlateShot however, each additional one does have a cost associated to attaching it to your headshot.

I will include a SlateShot for free upon request when purchasing other video services, but if ordered separately there is a $15 charge.
SlateShot also requires you to pay $5 directly to Actor's Access after the first use.


For the actor who hasn't much experience but still wants a video to connect to their AA or Casting Networks profile, we've created the Actor Interview!

This is a one minute interview when edited that lets the actor tell a little bit about themselves and who they are. A series of questions is asked and the actor responds in an unrehearsed, unscripted manner. It lets the actor show their sparkle and requires no rehearsal or memorization. It's perfect for anyone who wants the chance to add a video to their profile, but who hasn't been able to collect video from jobs done.

$75 includes:  coaching, video recording, professional lighting, editing, and HD digital copy within 7 days


If you need a demo reel edited from multiple video sources we can bring together various videos you already have and edit them down to a single demo reel for posting on your Actor's Access or Casting Networks profiles, or even for posting on your personal YouTube channel or website.  
*Files must be in digital format, on CD or DVD.  Additional charges will apply if tracks are on VHS and must be converted.

$75 includes: editing from multiple digital tracks, finished digital demo reel


I offer private consultations to actors interested in getting an evaluation of their career path, training, head shots and resume.  Consultations are personalized to address the topics you wish, including demo reels, representation, marketing, submissions, and anything else you need information about. Consultations may be held via phone or Skype if you are not in the Tulsa area.

$60 / hour 


Professional on site recording of your live event, including professionally recorded audio, is also a service I provide.  Rates vary depending upon specific requirements for your event, but the basic fee schedule is listed below:  

SETUP:  $60 / hour

HALF DAY (up to 5 hrs):  $200 *

FULL DAY (up to 10 hrs): $350 *

Standard equipment used includes tripod, 1080p HD SLR camera, with wireless mike on the speaker for the event. (Additional equipment incurs additional fees)

*Meals, parking, out of town travel & lodging not included in the above rates.  Multi day events will be discounted 15%

Phone OR email for more detailed discussion of rates:  (918) 497-6735    email:

PRIVATE acting lessons

I also offer private acting lessons to actors interested in polishing their skills, and developing advanced acting techniques.  Sessions are personalized to address the skills you wish to work on, including character development, scene breakdown, memorization, NLP for Actors, and more.

$30 for one hour weekly sessions per person,  OR  $100 for one month of weekly sessions paid in advance.

Rich Bentz