Rich Bentz is a Man of Many Talents. Rich offers Career Consulting & Coaching Specializing in Acting, Video and On-Camera Services.

Rich has appeared in numerous shows and commercials for television, film and Internet during his 20+ years of acting. His works include industrial, voice over, radio, theater, television, film, music video, and commercial.

His latest film appearances include:

"AmeriGeddon" as Malcom

"America" as Saul Alinsky

"The Cherokee Word for Water" as Charlie Soap's boss

"Self- Delusion and Other Obstacles" as the father

Rich's Training includes Advanced training on all subjects from Improv to Film, Television, and Stage by instructors Rebecca McCauley, Tom Logan, Beverly Holloway, Chris Freihofer, Kent Bateman, Will Borowski, and Brian Shoop. 


We offer private consultations to actors interested in getting an evaluation of their career path, training, head shots and resume.  Consultations are personalized to address the topics you wish, including demo reels, representation, marketing, submissions, and anything else you need information about. Consultations may be held via phone or Skype if you are not in the Tulsa area.

$90 / hour

Professional On-Site Video Recording

Professional on site recording of your live event, including professionally recorded multi-channel audio, and lighting at affordable rates is finally available in eastern Oklahoma!  

  • Business Presentations
  • Live Training Events
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Any Time You Want Professional Live Video!

For formal business events set up in advance can take some time, and may require coordination with your specific on-site managers, and this requires additional charges.  For life events such as parties, weddings, and other similar events existing light will be used, so only a pre-event site review will be required, and may not entail additional fees, depending upon complexity of the site requirements.

Rates vary depending upon specific requirements for your event, but the basic fee schedule is listed below:   

SETUP:  $60 / hour

HALF DAY (up to 5 hrs):  $200 *

FULL DAY (up to 10 hrs): $350 *

POST PRODUCTION EDITING: $75 / hour  *(simple edits can be completed in one hour)

Standard equipment used includes tripod, professional lighting, 1080p HD SLR camera, with wireless mike on the speaker for the event.          (Additional equipment incurs additional fees) 

*Meals, parking, out of town travel & lodging not included in the above rates.  Multi day events will be discounted 15%

Contact Us to discuss your on location video recording needs 

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How is Rich as a Lyft Driver?   

  • 7,100+ trips and 5 Stars rated out of 5!
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