My "Actor Slate" is to the left , and it tells a bit, and I play flute in "Edge of Darkness" to the right! Here's another sample of my flute with a Susan Herndon song,  "The Aeronautics of Hovering"

Rich was born in Texas in 1957, moved at 1 year old with his family to Richardson, Texas, then to New Jersey, and finally settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1969, all following his dad's job as a professional Boy Scout Executive.  He's been acting since his high school days in Tulsa, and professionally since 1990 in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he lived after his tour of duty on the USS Plunger, SSN 595, a now decommissioned fast attack nuclear sub that was based in San Diego.  He was an E5, 2nd Class Petty Officer, Radioman/Crypto Tech with advanced electronics component level troubleshooting and repair training.

Rich's latest project is "AmeriGeddon" directed by Mike Norris, son of the famed Chuck Norris. Released March 2nd, 2016, you may now watch it online or on DVD!  Check out the official trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdDHDh0s_BQ

Prior to "AmeriGeddon" Rich worked on Dinesh De'Souza's documentary called "America: Imagine The World Without Her". Released in over 1,200 theaters nationwide for the July 4th celebrations in 2014, this film postulates what the world would be like if America hadn't existed.  Rich plays the role of Saul Alinsky in the film.  It is currently the 6th highest grossing political documentary of all time!

Another recent work was "The Cherokee Word For Water" ~ this is the Wilma Mankiller story, first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation!  Producers have the film in limited distribution in theaters all over the US! Look it up on YouTube and Google. It's an exceptional story, and Rich has always loved Wilma's story, and he's proud to be a part of this wonderful project.

"Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles" is another feature film staring Rich in an ensemble supporting role.  Released and on Video-On-Demand with various services like YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes & xBox, Rich plays Gerald in the film! This is a fun family comedy with a PG rating.

In 2007, Rich completed work on the first feature film of a new Tulsa, Oklahoma production company, Apollonary Films, "The Animals On Drawbridge". Rich has the male lead, Dr. Fredrick, of a talented ensemble cast of local actors . Principal shooting completed on April 16, 2007. The film is now completed and the producers are seeking distribution.

Rich also played the 'creepy gardener' in the new Next Monkey Horror Films movie "The Stitcher" , now available for purchase through this link, and rental on Netflix.

"SMOKE" is another project in which Rich played a leading role. This one is available on Vimeo.

Contact Rich at:  bentzenterprises@gmail.com / 918.497.6735